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Dirk Verhaert

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Dirk Verhaert

Autosport Biography

Being the son of a Renault dealer I grew up with cars and car technology. My father’s workshop was the place to be ! When I turned six Santa brought me my first kart. From that moment on every toy or equipment I owned needed to be engine driven. When I turned 18 , and just got my driver’s license, I competed in my first rally sprint with a Renault RT20TS. Since then I’ve always been very active in motorsports, be it as a racer or an organizer. For years my biggest passion was karting but rally became my true first love. Rally and technology were, and always will be THE common thread in my life.


Even in my professional life technology has always been a constant. I started out as an Electronic Design Engineer at Xeikon and stayed there for 5 years. In my next job I was an HW/FW Engineer at Siemens however I felt the urge to actually start building instead of designing and after ten years I started a new career and became a Field Application Engineer. Nowadays I’m Regional Application Engineer for Microsemi SoC in Western-Europa. This world of System on Chip matches perfectly with cars…

About R-Box

The R-Box BMW M3 will be filled with homemade/self-designed high tech electronic gadgets. The team; for me is pure joy and excitement and on a personal level I can truly experiment with car electronics which is all I ever wanted. Being a born perfectionist I always look for improvements and innovations. Building the car is a constant search for perfection…

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