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R-Box – What’s in a name?

R-Box is a rally team with experienced, complimentary people driven by passion for rally sport, sense for innovation and a strong belief in this brilliant project.

We really love speed but we are not in a hurry. We carefully plan all steps, with quality being the top requirement.

This project needed a sexy, easy pronounceable and short name, an appropriate logo and an easy URL. Quite soon we found the word “box” as a compact, smart and trendy concept. But still, something was missing.

We tested almost all possible prefixes, until someone came up with the letter R. In combination with red cubes it could be connected to rally, race, or… maybe something else. The best names combine recognizability with a whiff of mystery.

Our major competence is electronics. Needless to say you can find a tremendous amount of high tech features in our car, all home made.

So.. R-Box. Discover all about it on this web site.

Happy reading.

The R-Box Team