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How it started !

Dirk and Luc were planning to pick up rallying again since quite a while. Dirk wanted to say karting goodbye because father and trainingpartner Denis had some health issues. The karts were sold and a new adventure was born…

Dirk and Luc were argueing about he make and model of the car before finding a compromise but the mean idea to start a rally team both agreed on.

The mean criterium was a car with a high fun level !

Dirk thought that there were no other cars then Renaults. All possible models like a A110, R8 Gordini , a R5 Turbo,… were considered but they proved to be rare or unaffordable.

Luc was looking towards a BMW 2002 model (E10) just what BMW addict Frank liked most !

After a few days and night of searching the web a list of 2002’s was made..

Dirk was not happy to see al the rust on those cars and started to look again at soem Renaults… (note : Dirks father had been a Renault dealer for many years and Dirk was brainwashed during his youth..)

Dirk came up with a Clio R3 but the running costs proved to be very high…

No white smoke yet !

Luc used to co-drive Wim Coremans with a rear wheel drive BMW E30 M3 and became a fan of this type of car… Dirk agreed (although is wasn’t a Renault) and the search was redirected to a BMW M3.

E30 M3’s are getting hard to find but after an extensive search we found a suitable car in Holland to work on. This was october 2010.

R-box was founded in that same period and in November R-Box was made offical. A few die hards started the team and are until 2014 still on board.

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