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Author: Dirk Verhaert

Update 2017 …

It has been a while … nevertheless we did not spend the last few months in a sunny holiday resort but we continued to work like crazy on a project other than the BMW.

Due to some extremely painful consecutive circumstances all fun was gone and it was time to put the BMW aside for a while…

2016 is gone …

Unfortunately there will be no R-Box BMW in the second half of the 2016 rally season.
Despite everything was looking very good until last week, we are forced to take a very painful decision.

I waited a few days before writing this news item to prevent putting things in that better stay in a private environment, because it will not help us anyway.

It’s pretty easy to capture that we were looking forward to our first event with the M3 after almost 6 years of hard work.

Despite the enormous disappointment, we have to move on and as a famous soccer player quoted a long time ago “every drawback will have his advantage”.

In the mean time we are back in full force solving the issue and we banned those dark clouds forever to a desert island far from here.

For sure it will take a few months, but of course we have learned a lot so we will improve several things so that our car will become even more unique!

What went wrong …

My new office …

After years of thinking, creating , testing,… I can’t wait to change my keyboard for the steering wheel.

At least my new office looks quiet nice an I am pretty confident we will have a lot of fun here.

“Let the beast go !!”

All hope was gone …

The more we made progress with the interior, it became clear that putting our helmets in the back will become a huge challenge.

The side protection on the Cobra seats together with the roll-cage blocks almost the complete access to the back.

Nevertheless, there is a way to do it, but it’s not easy and we have to practice a lot !