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Author: Dirk Verhaert

Report Rally of Haspengouw 2019

After a very hectic winter update, with some radical changes, we were of course very much looking forward to a first confrontation with the Haspengouw concrete strips.

For the observant media watchers it had been clear for some time that from now on Isidoor Smets will knit the notes together and that we decided to focus on the full M-Cup. Through Isidoor’s experience, the bar is indirectly raised a bit higher, even though it is not the intention to put more pressure on myself. And even though I don’t know anything about knitting myself, I’m going to do my utmost not to drop stitches.

(Photos Wim Becker, Jérome Deskeuvre, Frank Pacqué)

Report GTC 2018

If we are to believe everyone, the first time is always a bit special. Fortunately, the conditions were ideal, plenty of sun, bone dry and assisted by a very experienced co, Isidoor Smets, who stepped in last minute for Luc Geenen. Add to that a super nice car, 4 super mechanics and mega coach / cooking mom and numerous sympathizers, in short the perfect ingredients for a fantastic rally.

Update 2018 … the first meters

It has been quiet for a very long time on the R-Box site, this was on the one hand a very conscious choice and on the other hand we have been working very diligently on the car, service truck and other infrastructure, so that there was very little time left to add stories here.
Because we have now reached an important milestone, it might be nice to post something new again. GOOD news this time!!

Update 2017 …

It has been a while … nevertheless we did not spend the last few months in a sunny holiday resort but we continued to work like crazy on a project other than the BMW.

Due to some extremely painful consecutive circumstances all fun was gone and it was time to put the BMW aside for a while…

2016 is gone …

Unfortunately there will be no R-Box BMW in the second half of the 2016 rally season.
Despite everything was looking very good until last week, we are forced to take a very painful decision.

I waited a few days before writing this news item to prevent putting things in that better stay in a private environment, because it will not help us anyway.

It’s pretty easy to capture that we were looking forward to our first event with the M3 after almost 6 years of hard work.

Despite the enormous disappointment, we have to move on and as a famous soccer player quoted a long time ago “every drawback will have his advantage”.

In the mean time we are back in full force solving the issue and we banned those dark clouds forever to a desert island far from here.

For sure it will take a few months, but of course we have learned a lot so we will improve several things so that our car will become even more unique!

What went wrong …

My new office …

After years of thinking, creating , testing,… I can’t wait to change my keyboard for the steering wheel.

At least my new office looks quiet nice an I am pretty confident we will have a lot of fun here.

“Let the beast go !!”

All hope was gone …

The more we made progress with the interior, it became clear that putting our helmets in the back will become a huge challenge.

The side protection on the Cobra seats together with the roll-cage blocks almost the complete access to the back.

Nevertheless, there is a way to do it, but it’s not easy and we have to practice a lot !