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The choice of the brand was quite easy for us. We chose AP fairly quickly because of the quality of their products and the good service of Guus in NL
The selection of the type of claws and the size of the discs took a little more time.
Fortunately, we could again count on the drawing abilities of Nick who expertly put various rims, discs, bells and suspension parts in Pro Engineer to bring them together in 3 D and see what can and cannot be done.

This showed that with the 17 inch wheels we want to use and the Intrax front legs a 356 mm disc with a Pro5000+ 6 pots claw was the largest we got in it. Free space 7,6mm.
Size matters, so the front was defined.
At the back we had fewer problems and to make the proportions correct we opted for 295 mm discs with a 4 pots Pro5000+ claw with equal pistons.
Now it will mainly be some experimentation with the diameter of the master brake cylinders, the pad (brake pad) surface and types to find the right balance.
For the pedal box we resolutely went for Tilton because of the price/quality ratio.

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