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The engine mounts …

Another difficult birth. Nevertheless, the choice on the market in available engine mounts for the S14 is fairly large.

But we were once again tempted to go and get the mustard from Delage in the first place.

We had a set of Ron at our disposal, who was kind enough to lend us those supports for a while. The intention was to reproduce the cast supports from a solid block AL7075.

Unfortunately, those things are turned in almost every plane and it was quite a job to measure them correctly.

Fortunately, there are skilled professionals, such as at C-MEC in Kortrijk who can flawlessly transform this into a set of coordinates.

Result: again hours of drawing work for Nick who, as usual, assigns the perfect files as fodder for the CNC machine.

Only downside: the production costs.

There is a lot of milling work on + we have to start from a fairly large block AL7075 which does not really make this solution as a worthy alternative.

Fortunately, Ger had thought much better and under the motto “keep it simple” he had made the supports from chrome molybdenum steel. Super strong and much cheaper.

Moral of the story, sometimes it is not always wise to want to make everything yourself 🙂

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