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It is almost possible to steer…

Today we installed the steering column to check whether everything fits nicely. As we expected all components are on the perfect position and the engine is hidden under the – to be installed- carbon dashboard.

Nice work from the guys from EZ Powersteering.

We decided to go for EPS (electrical power steering) for two good reasons ;

  1. We wanted to get rid of the oil, no leaking, no cooler needed and no permanent belt-powered horse power consuming pump.
  2. We wanted to controle the power steering. Our ECU sends a signal to the steering controller which depends on the actual speed. This way power steering and demping are adapted to the speed of the car.The higher the speed the less assistance from the EPS. This means that the power goes to the wheels of the car instead of the powersteering at high speeds.

We also changed the reduction from the steering houde from 34 mm displacement per revolution from the standard E30 steering to 68mm per revolution. This is just a bit more then the usual 63mm.

It is also possible to mount and dismount the steering wheel to get in and out of the car.

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