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We made some mods to fix the dif to the 2 rear struts.

The trunk bottom plate has been reinforced and a stiff 3 way connection was made between the 2 rear struts.

Solid ST52.3 pipes were mounted through holes in the bottom of the trunk and they are used as spacers to fix the middle part of the rear axle.

Standard this is a floating construction. The steel pipes are fixed with small tubes to the 3 way construction.

We also reinforced the hubs to mount the rearaxle pins. These tend to crack when not reinforced.

Next thing to look at are the 2 bolts that keep the rear axle and the body together.

BMW already mounted small plates against the edge to avoid bending of these parts. We reinforced this edge and the original plates are reinforced on the weak spots.

At the front we welded blocks to fix the traingles to the body. This is also a heavily stressed part because we changed all the rubber by unibals.

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