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Intrax Suspension ready …

It’s been a while since we posted an update but this had everything to do with the fact that the car was in the Netherlands at the Intrax plant. Because Dirk decided to change the front suspension the car needed to stay for a few weeks at Intrax.

The Intrax crew started from scratch and everything needed to be measured and built. We got the feedback that is was quite a puzzle for Henk, Niek and their team to put all the components in the right place.

In the front we have choosen the 52mm XL shock absorbers combined with a super solid topmount. (8mm ST52.3 welded plates and big AL7075 caster/camber plates) The bearings also got a significant upgrade. The front strut is excentrically fixed on the wheel hub to make it possible to change the settings. At the back some adjustments were needed on the “towers” we created ourselves. Originally the piping to the pressure reservoir was thinner but because we went for the brand new ARC system a whole needed to be made in the back of the tower to guide the piping to the trunk.

The setup is made to mount wheels up to 18″.(650 mm circumference)

The total suspension looks very professional and very firm.

We are very inquisitive to find out the driving properties but we are very confident that are going to find a very good ( and fast !) setup.

First drivng test are going to occur in February 2013. For now all energy and time will go to preparing the body for the paint job.

To be continued…

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