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Crankshaft pulley …

Because we are not really wild about all the “non-BMW origin” crankshaft pulleys that are sold here and there, we also had to make some adjustments for this. What worried us most was the fact that these pulleys are always made without a damper. Even though the S14 crankshaft is fairly sturdy in origin, this did not give a good feeling.

Especially the grA and DTM versions of the time also had a damped pulley. We have been in contact with ATI for a while but they were not really interested in making anything for the E30 because of the small editions. The only thing they suggested was the 190-2.5 version that they do have in their range to build because the Mercedes is very similar in concept and structure to the S14.

But we didn’t really like this either because the weight of the crankshaft and everything that rotates is quite decisive for the design of the damper.

That is why we have chosen the DTM version of BMW Motorsport which is identical to the grA version only that the latter does not have the 4 teeth. Unfortunately, our DTA S60 can’t handle 4 teeth per revolution at all, which is why we have drawn our own trigger wheel on it. So we really only use those 4 teeth to position our trigger wheel.

We have chosen a 60-2 toothing.

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