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ECU and EPS in place !

As everybody already knows we are not going to use an old fashioned hydraulic steering system but an electrical one. The MOSEFET’s are sometimes electrified with 40A, to make life bearable for these components we have 2 options : always drive in a straight line of give some extra cooling… Eventually we went for option 2.

We don’t have enough room to install a big cooler so we choose for a heat conductive paste on a 15 mm thick aluminum plate fixed in an isolated way against the firewall. The heat from the firewall (engine) should not be distributed to the EPS. This is also a way to eliminate vibrations. A principle we also used on the other electronic boxes. At the back side of the plate we will fix a small cooling profile but that is not visible in the picture yet.

The ECU is basically the same story but is mounted on the drive shaft tunnel.

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