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Wire loom gearbox makes us crazy …

Some wires dangles already for months at the underside of the car desperately waiting to find a home in one or another connector housing.
All of them are labeled with a piece of paper tape, handwritten with some kind of cryptic description that dates from a previous life. At least that’s how it looks like.
Cut, gearpot, GBtemp, lambda, rev, … Luckily it still rings a bell for some of us.

Time to clean this and fix the permanent labels before we become gaga.

What initially looked like a 1 hour job, in reality it turned out to be a small nightmare.
The space between gearbox and the tunnel is much too small to fix the cabling in a comfortable way.

Unfortunately we do not have team members who suffer from pseudo-Achondroplasia and have additionally a basic knowledge of electricity.
So no other choice then remove the gearbox again.

After some juggling with labels, connectors and shrink sleeves, everything finally was nicely strapped to the tunnel. At least this was what we thought.
Saturday morning, we re-installed the gearbox, an activity we are already experienced in. We only were euphorically for a very short period. It was impossible to install the connector for the reverse switch when the gearbox is mounted.
Unless we should consider plastic surgery at both hands. Since I am not a fan of Hoeyberghs & Co, there are only 2 possibilities left. Not driving backwards in the dark or, remove the gearbox again.

Since we have already some experience built up we go for the removal again.

So finally job done and hopefully the gearbox can stay for a while now.​

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