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Perhaps the most counterfeit S14 part with as a result also a very different quality. Since finding an original Wethje airbox is looking for a needle in a haystack, unless you have a fortune for it, we were also forced to turn to the fake versions.

I don’t know if it’s a birth defect but we tend to set the bar fairly high and opt for the slightly more extreme solution.
We are aware that an airbox with 2 x 4 injectors is not really a must for our application, nevertheless a bank injectors close to cylinder head input and a set far away is technically the best solution. A good reason for us to choose 8 injectors.
What you find in 8 injector version is often the DTM version and it does not fit on throttle boddies (TB) with butterfly valves for this you need guillotine 49.5mm TB’s. In addition to the fact that these TBs are far too expensive, they are also less suitable for rally.
Yet we have found someone who has made many of these airboxes in the past and now wants to make a version for 48mm TBs with butterfly valves.
They are beautiful!

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