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Birmingham 2012

It’s 11th of january, almost midnight. The start for a long shopping weekend in the UK. Luc , Bart and myself leave for Calais together with our long shopping list.

Because we refuse to use the GPS this time, we made a small detour to the Dunkerque harbor.
Luckily we had plenty of time and we arrived a bit later at the P&O checkin. After a smooth boot trip to Dover we looked into a plus 200 miles journey before to arrive in autosport paradise the “NEC in Birmingham”.

We spent the next 4 days in and around the NEC and during the nights, by tradition, we tried to survive in “the Arcade” which was also the place of the hotel. Very convenient.

Again the fair was very useful, we have collected tonnes of info and every part for the R-Box BMW is defined now, even the seats. There is only 1 missing piece , the cilinderhead, which for us is still not yet clear.

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