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The “cage monkey” retires

The M3 body has entered the next phase. The welding work on the cage has been done. Today we have compiled our photo file and everything has been sent to Custom Cages to obtain our certification. The welding samples (on which tensile tests are done) had already been sent a while ago.

1000x thanks to Carl who sometimes had to wrestle himself into very uncomfortable corners to weld everything down to the last detail! Even though some places seemed unreachable at first sight, he always managed to find a creative solution to expertly tie the tubes together.

The next few weeks we will build the rear axle underneath so that we can make all the supports for the diff so that it is stuck to the chassis. Then the auxiliary frame in the front has to be in so that we can put our dummy engine in it and we can fit the gearbox, build up the shaft and thru-axles, …. so work enough. More about this in our next posts.

Some pictures of the cancelled cage.

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