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Pilot almost loses a piece of his legs …

Together with Luc we spent a full day measuring and fitting to get the pedal box in place. At first it was suggested to have a piece of my legs surgically removed but fortunately I was able to turn the tide and we decided to make 3 round cut-outs in the bulkhead so that it is now possible to move the pedals if the brake cylinders used (compact or the long version) and still keep my full leg length.

Maybe we exaggerated a bit here again with the thickness of the plate of our “pedalbox lunchbox” but I wish the pedals were stuck on the bottom plate.

Folding the box and especially leveling it on the whimsical base plate was a time-consuming activity.

Just some pictures of the box. We’re going to wait to weld it in until we have the steering column to make sure there’s no problem popping up anywhere. We do not have exact dimensions of the electric motor for the power steering today, so we prefer to play it safe.

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