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How does it ….fit ?

Because we already had good experiences with dummy versions we tried to continue this way of working to make the seat supports and the steering column. No final version yet but just a steering column from a E30 316i and an old racing seat.

Everything depends on the dimension of our local “Stig” but we are going to make the steering column 80 mm longer then the original one. We can make some small adjustments playing with the offfset of the steering wheel to make everything fit like a glove…

Our first try-out did not fit at all. The guy with the numbers was probably drunk when measuring the car and the atributes.

By now our alu test strips look like a Swiss Cheese but we do have the right dimensions now ! This means we can autocad-draw the new strips and finish this chapter.

The “Stig” was a bit worried about the standing pedalbox in combination with his long legs but it was a nice match ! For the second time we did not have to cut off his legs..

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