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Too fast …..too furious ?

Something to remember…

A few posts ago we were very excited about our new Revolution Millenium wheels.

We considered this as “the best buy” but we miscalculated the needed space for the brakes.

Nick simulated everything in 3D and the outcome was that we had 7 mm space between the rim and the brake caliper. So far so good but ….we based ourselves on the Compomotive dimensions. We did not have the Revolution Millenium drawings.

We checked the dimensions but not professionally enough…we used a simple measuring tape.

After a thorough study we discovered that the Millenium’s become less in diametre going from the inside to the outside (spokes) of the wheel. This means that the hoped 7 mm space is in reality 0 !!

So we had 2 options : buy smaller (front) brakes or change the wheels !

A quick calculation learned us that changing the wheels would cost us the least…

The Revolutions were sold and Compomotives where ordered.

The happy ending is that we liked the Compomotives better from the start but our mind said no…now we have the choice of our heart !

Remember Patrick Snijers in the Manx (You tube) using compomotives !

Some PICS of the MO1783’s.

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