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An exciting moment : the first PCB panel has arrived !

The first panel containing a CCC-Box, a PWR-Box and a MCM-Box has arrived from Romania.

Dirk immediately started with the CCC-Box. It is always a special moment to power a board for the first time.

We only encountered one mechanical issue and a stupid shape error (both from designer Dirk). After one night of debugging the board came to live ! Dirk was very proud since it is not the easiest print.

We also want to thank GDM electronics for the nice job done. Despite the manual interventions they delivered a flawless print, the quality from the PCB and the assembly are immaculate!

In the previous news item you can see some pictures from the Romanian factory.

The next coming nights wil be dedicated to the software. We are soon going to make a you tube movie from the first grafical moments on the TFT.

More specs can be found on the product page in the “electronics” section

to be continued …

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