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wall to wall carpet ?

It took some time before we knew what material we were going to use for the floor plates. It needed to be mechanically ok and should look nice.

It is possible to buy carbon pre-manufactured plates but we did not like them because they did not seem strong enough. This meant that we needed to construct something ourselves. This was also a good moment to test Luc’s inventor skills.

We made a mould in cardboard and made a drawing starting from that mould. We made some files and went to the laser guys. To decide whether we needed a 3 or 5 mm plate Dirk did some jumps on the plates and we decided to go for the 5mm version.

It was nicely cut out and we needed to do some bending at home to get it into the BMW. Because we don’t like unpainted aluminum we decided to go for a red anodized color. Inside the car there is a lot of black and white and the red fits perfectly and is also one of the R-Box colors.

Hate it or love it…

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