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Not everything goes according to plan..

We had the intention to make some giant steps this weekend but we had a major setback.

What was intended to be a 15 min job turned out to be a 2 day job. That’s life (as we know it)

We needed to change the bolts by the super strong ARP ones. When we were trying to bolt the diff to the car it did not fit well. We almost needed the strongest man alive to bolt it together so that was the signal that there was something wrong. It wasn’t aligned anymore due to the the high welding temperatures during construction.

We decided to tear down the entire painted construction to start all over again.. It was not the most popular decision we ever made but it was necessary…

Learning from this problem we also tried to improve the construction. Instead of different parts welded together we planned to make one piece with the same functionality as before.

Dirk spent an entire afternoon in the comfortable M3 trunk with a grinder. It took some effort to get the job done. Within a few days (nights) everything will be ok. Dirk won’t be sorry for that…

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