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After the back end

We needed to construct a solid plate to mount the cranck shaft sensor and the alternator support. We were not excited by the original BMW system and the lid that covers the distribution chain sometimes cracks if you use the original system to tension the chain.

We started to think and created a custom made support for the sensor and the alternator.

The cranck shaft sensor is one of the most vital elements to mange the engine performance. This is not allowed to fail.

We used a stainless steel plate folded by 90°. We made a small aluminum block where the E36 cam shaft sensor is positioned perfectly opposite of the teeth of the triggerwheel.

We made a small pipe wit lefthanded and righthanded srew-hread at the ends, we mounted 2 uniballs and it is possible to get the riight tension on the belt. We also welded a small tube on the plate and evrything was ready.

This is the result :

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