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Back… ready

Too long ago that an update has happened on the site but this has everything to do with a chronic lack of time.

Fortunately, the BMW does get shapes even though it does not go as fast as we would like, but we have to row with the resources we have. Fortunately, in recent weeks we have become a lot more numerous on Saturdays, which is highly privileged.

Despite a few small problems, the entire back is now ready. We still had to adjust the plate of the ATL tank because we didn’t really get away with the flexible. We also modified the fuel cap, which was a screw version. The goal was to elliminate everything that can be lost, not that we don’t have confidence in our mechanics šŸ™‚

We also struggled a bit with the bolts of the topmounts, but after redrawing them 3 times and a multitude of assembly attempts, we can finally make peace with the result.

As you can see, the cablage has been able to remain very limited. All rear lights + the 3 petrol pumps are controlled by 1 PWR-Box

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