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Gearbox fixation in the making …

We have already had some sleepless nights but we are on the right track despite the failure of our homemade laser alignment tool.

We had conceived the bright idea of placing a laser module in the center point of the drive shaft on the Vbak. The theory was then to raise the Vbak until the laser cross was projected into the center point of the differential. However, turning the Vbak exit taught us that the center point did not stay in place. We attributed it to the lack of precision of the lathe but it could just as well have been a faulty turner because we had made that tool ourselves šŸ™‚

But don’t worry we’ll get it right. On Monday, 12mm uniballs are ordered, the rubbers to give the box a very small amount of freedom of movement we have already turned and then we only have to think about making a height-adjustable Vbak support.

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