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Throttle actuator part 2 …

​As previously mentioned we are going to use Jenvey ETA-2 throttle actuator. This small actuator does not use up a lot of space and that is very useful because there is not much room between the engine and the M3 fire wall.

Despite the small space available we were confident we had to put it at the back end of the engine. To make a support Luc made an AutoCAD drawing and we deployed the skills picked up in kindergarten. Marie (Luc’s daughter) is very handy in cutting odd forms and holes with scissors. It has to be the feminine touch.

The support being ready we needed to design a construction to mechanically command the throttle slide. The construction needs to cover some distance but this was easily solved by means of an stainless steel threaded rod. We were lucky this time because the M5 end of the ball heads was exact the same size as the cable attachment from the slide.
We only needed to mount everything. The actuator is placed on 30mm supports to align the rods.
Meanwhile we measured the angles from the pedal sensor and the throttle sensor. The P+G sensors need to be calibrated on those angles to have an as large as possible range.
The result is shown in the pictures. It is a compact and very solid solution which we very much like !

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