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Cold air intake …

​Being 30°C the only place suitable for work is the basement. We need to modify some alloy welding curves to construct a cold air intake.

Most M3 cars take cold air in the cooling grill between the lights but our radiator is a bit over sized so this area is taken.
We made a construction going from the airbox, passing the front of the wheel to the air holes in the front spoiler.
That way we avoid hot air coming in from the engine bay.
The curve we need for this setup was not a standard one so Dirk needed to sand and weld quite a bit.
The aluminum part (which has been insulated twice) starts with a diameter of 140mm and just before connecting to the blue Samco curve we made a conical reduction that has the same size as the airbox.
We only need to define a custom Twinair filter and make sure no water can enter the intake system.

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