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Size does matter..

Because we do not use the standard gearbox the original drive shaft does not fit anymore. We looked at the different options we had ; adapt the original one, or use an adapted version from an M5.This also means that we should make it the right lenght and balance it again.
To avoid these problems we went (internet-)shopping in the USA.
Although the M3 was only built up until 1991 the car is still very popular in the States. Lots of spare parts (custom made for the American market) can be found. Since they always use the motto “the bigger the better” strength will not be an issue.

Racing the car will show us whether the drive shaft is really indestructible as (almost) stated in the specs.
For BMW only 1 version is availlable for all types. The length and the aluminum flanges are adapted depending on the BMW model of the car.
This mean that a M5 has the same drive shaft as a M3.

We think that the torque produced by our engine wil be a walk in the park for the drive shaft..

For those who noticed it ; the bearing to support the drive shaft has been eliminated in this setup…

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