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​S60 Pro + STC a marriage with prenuptial conditions…

That not everything is going like clockwork on a project like the R-Box BMW is unfortunately inevitable.
So every now and then a skeleton drops out of the closet and with united forces and minds we need to come up with a solution.
We thought about the opportunity to set the “ hold “ RPM from the launch controller using a 10 positions switch.
We thought it would be a nice feature considering that Belgian weather is not very reliable and grip conditions even less.

Minor detail for this implementation : we had to sacrifice that one analogical input for the pedal sensor of the throttle controller. DTA has a solution for this problem in the S80 and S100 but unfortunately not for the S60. Seeing that there’s no big demand for this, a firmware update hasn’t been scheduled for the near future. Bad luck for us.

So we had 2 options:
1; we forget about the launch control setting.
2; we switch to an S100.
After weighing the pro’s and con’s we choose option 2.
Doing so would let us make some more modifications. Seeing the S60 is intended for an engine with 4 cylinders and we have 8 injectors we were forced to control them by the pair.
Using the S100 things change and we will also immediately install a camshaft sensor so that we’ll be able to control the coils and injectors sequentially.
This will not increase the power of the car but we hope to reduce fuel consumption.

So yet again.. some more cables in the cable tree and a new ECU.

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