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The wire …

I stopped counting the hours that I camped in the very cosy co-driver space to install some wiring. What I do know is that we have hidden 400m wire all over the M3. Additionally we used approx. 25 m CAN cable and double this length for sensor cable.
Comparing to the original wiring this is almost nothing.

Bit crazy as we are, we mainly used red an black wire to respect our team colours. Now and then also added some blue wire to remind us to all our numerous bruises, caused by violent T45 tubes and all kind of obtuse objects. wire
Anyway more then enough wire to keep an eye on the overall condition of the M3.

So now all cabin cabling is done. It looked a bit chaotic for a long time but after Ivo’s manhunt we had left over a million of short pieces. (see picture)
It looks like Mr Proper has cleaned the cockpit, but without the smell of blossom or lavender.

Next week we are gonna play again with wires in the engine bay and then …. it finally comes to an end.

To be continued …​

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