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The sound of M …

Apparently the 80’s were very inspiring. Also the E30 was a 80’s product. Especially the typical sound brings about goosebumps to many people.
For that reason we do a lot of effort to reconstruct this “eargasm” as good as possible. Less is punishable !!

Of course we spent many hours constructing a mold. Measuring, changing, sawing, re-measure,… Luckily our team manager Frank is not only specialized in sweets and ketchup, but also trigonometry is one of his favorites.

I was more then happy when he came to join me in a nightly attempt to finish the end pipes. Luc and I already did a lot of preparation but we missed the finishing touch. Even when we forced him to drink soda from the enemy (Pepsi Max) he kept the focus and succeeded to reshape 90 degree bents to usable cool looking end pipes.​

From tube to …

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