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Gula, sin number 5 kills us …

We were pretty sure we would never break the world record for fuel consumption (economy) with the R-Box M3, but in the mean time we discovered that our BMW belongs to the category heavy drinkers.
This has of course an impact on our fuel tank. Was it naivety or did we too much focus on the more attractive prices of the standard fuel cells? We don’t know.

What we do know is that we took the wrong decision. Knowing you can’t consume the last drip of fuel and you loose another bit by the tank foam, the standard 45L tank would gives us an autonomy of approx. 50-60 km in spacial stage mode.
Even the most ridiculous electrical car does a lot better.

So we decided to go for a custom build tank. Bij using the max. available space from the spare wheel location and by increasing the height a bit we can reach 75L, which is much more comfortable.

This will give us for sure a lot more composure.​

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