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The oil catch tank …

Because we always think too much about everything also the container to catch the oil damps has significantly changed. Version 1 was just something we bought, a nice red anodized container. But unfortunately these standard parts do not have
large vents to breath. Changing this means welding and then it’s hard to have it pass the aesthetic tests.

In a first attempt we changed it with a blank alu version. In a weak moment we thought the inner fender at the driver side would be the right location to mount it. At least this was the right position to connect the tubes in a decent way.
But it’s already so crowdy there that it did not felt right. Additionally I was a bit worried that damp could find a way to the front windscreen and decrease the sight of the driver.

So enough reasons to move it to the other side, and why not making it custom? As we usually do 🙂

We had still some leftovers from the alu intake tube. Some welding later we had a nice fitting custom oil catch tank.​

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