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Safety first …

With the images of Renaud Verreydt during the Condroz rally still fresh in mind, we have decide to redo the complete pump/filter unit in the trunk.
Some of the Goodridge tubes are not properly protected in case of an impact.

To prevent tubes getting destroyed and flood the trunk with fuel, we reshaped the ALU plate where all pumps and filters are mounted.
We added a vertical guard (4mm ALU) and mounted the complete unit on vibration dampers. In case of a crash the dampers just break and the unit will move without fuelling being destroyed.

Because we were also not impressed by the refueling cap, we changed this also to a Staubli connector, conform the ones in WRC. This way no fuel can be spoiled and there will be also no smell issue.

Again a bit of work but, safety first !​

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