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Top-plate number 3 …

Due to a miscommunication to our CNC guy we have a bit delay in finishing the fuel tank.
Last minute we have decided to add an additional level sensor which triggers an 100% full signal.

Despite we used the original ATL fuel gauge we can’t know exactly when the tank is topped up completely.
The ATL sensor is reaching full trigger about 23mm under the bottom of the top plate. This means we can’t measure the last 6L.
Needless to say we can’t live with that.

Therefor we have put a level sensor that has a trigger level equal to the bottom of the topplate. (so filled 100%)
This full signal can be read by our TFT controller and can be visualized in the cockpit.
Additionally there is an audio signal generated in the trunk so the person who is refueling can also hear when the tank is full.
That way we want to prevent refueling issues. So it should be pretty dummy proof.

Unfortunately we had to redo the sensor holder, and we loose another week due to the anodizing process.

Some pics from the blank sensor holder.​

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