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Dust- and other covers …

Since long we have huge holes at the top mounts at the rear shocks. Not really beneficial to keep the trunk clean.

Time to change this. Because we didn’t properly designed the connection for the shocks, we need to construct an unusual shaped cover to seal these holes.
Further more we need to make sure the tube from the pressure can can’t get damaged.

If we will have the change to redo the mounts, we will choose to have the pressure can at the bottom of the shock and we will rotate the top fixing 90 degrees.

Technically it will not have any impact but it will be much easier to reach. Today replacing the shock is challenging unless you have the size of William Boeva,
and you see the trunk as a comfortable place to live 🙂

Although I don’t have the ideal sizes, it was a true pleasure to spent another half day in the trunk. Sometimes you need to suffer for a good result.​

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