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From the back to underside …

As most of our parts have been installed once, mainly to check if they fit perfectly, there comes a time that you can stop puzzling and fix the parts for real.

Today this was the case for the exhaust and drive shaft. But first we needed to make sure no dirt or dust could enter the cockpit at the gearshift location.
We spend hours and hours in the past to construct this ugly small alu box to make it 100 % sealed.

Next topic, installing the central driveshaft. Since this part is from US origin we had to go shopping again at Fabory to collect some exotic UNF bolts. The installation was seamless and also the flanges were perfect.
Again flowers and honor for Nick our mechanical designer who always produces perfect drawings and files.

As visible on the pictures we said goodbye to the central bearing. Also the guibo at the gearbox side is replaced by a solid alu one. Because comfort is not what we aim, this choice is acceptable.

As final task for this Monday we installed the exhaust, also here no surprises anymore.

A short photo session to clarify some stuff.​

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