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The R-Box BMW at the WeightWatchers …

We didn’t had any idea about the weight of the car. The only thing we knew was that we did pay attention on weight as long as it didn’t had an impact on reliability or rigidity.

It turned out to be an excitant “scale moment”‘ especially knowing we put a completely oversized 17kg traditional gel battery in the back. Add the extra weight from the 210 diff and you have a reason to be scared.

Reasonable chance to expect the car suffers from the same disease as their drivers.

We were more then amazed when the figures popped op on the screens. Only 14 kg overweight at this point. We agree it will increase a bit when the last bit is installed but at least we are in a safe BMI area.

Remains only to fix the BMI from the drivers which today is a bit dramatic :-)​

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