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Dash electronics update …

Looking to the status of the car reminds us that the time is right to make some progress with the dashboard. The TFT proto, which we mainly used to develop code , is already operational since a long time.
Unfortunately, the remaining PCB’s are untouched.

Since we found some little HW issues during our debug trajectory, we spent again a significant amount of time in reworking the boards.
Although it was not that bad, one issue only on the co-driver panel caused me a major headache.
Due to a self created error in the footprint of the GPS module, i treat myself on a night covering magnifier rework session to repair 9 connections.
Manually Soldering AWG30 wires with average length of 3-4mm, on a fine pitch module, it sounds as a hobby 🙂

But with extreme patience, all 4 TFT boards are fully reworked.

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