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Upgrade kit PWR Boxes …

Initially we assumed the firmware of the PWR-boxes won’t need an update very often. Because of that we didn’t implement an upgrade path from outside.
All by all not a very clever idea since especially the ones below the dash are difficult to access.

We had 2 choices, wait to build in the units until the firmware is stable, or , find an easy update path.

It was an easy choice to add a DB 15 connector to the side panel of the housing to bring the 2 JTAG ports out.
Unfortunately it also means that we need also a double flat cable from JTAG headers to the DB connector.

Luckily Nancy broadens her horizons and became in no time handy with a soldering iron what resulted in 8 sets of upgrade kits in a more then reasonable time.
Only some epoxy is now needed to immortalize the cables set before our rework is finished​.

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