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3 times in a row …

What initially looked as an easy task, order 6 additional rims, turned out to be a nightmare.

Some time ago Compomotive was again in a bad shape. Nothing was produced anymore so also no MO5’s available. Almost a year ago they restarted and took the MO5 rim again in production but unfortunately with a slightly different mold.

The few mm space between the inside of the rim and our brake caliper was reduced to a negative value. In other words, the rim is touching the caliper.

So impossible to mount. In addition it becomes more and more difficult to find 17 inch tires which finally forced us to move to 18.

So for the 3rd time in a row we ordered rims for our car and this brought us back to Revolution Wheels. Again the Millennium series but this time version 2 flow formed.

To be honest, I like them even more then the Compomotive ones.

Judge by yourself!

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