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Exhaust vicissitudes …

We don’t want to tell you anymore how many hours we have spent on the exhaust. Every time something popped up that didn’t make us feel good.
It was the distance to the ground, or it was too complex to service,…So plenty of reasons to redesign again the complete system.

Because most of the universal joints where too big we decided to make our own. All connections joints now are laser cut. We used 8mm thick stainless steel that we weld to a 60mm tube. To make sure everything is air tight we use an identical shaped 3mm alu seal.

Of course this results again in some additional hours of welding. Not to mention the modification to the jig.
Because in our system the pipes remain completely separated, we have tried to keep the shape as similar as possible.

For first time, we didn’t exaggerate to make the insides of the exhaust tubes super smooth. 2x 60mm tubes should be more than sufficient to get rid of the exhaust gasses quickly.
We are pretty sure the imperfections here and there will not impact the overall performance, despite the inner sidewalls are far from a mirror.

We also have a substantial protection at the bottom of the cat’s so that they can survive some natural stone attacks.
To protect the chassis parts from the heat, we dressed the CAT’s in dual layer titanium wool jacket.

I must admit that we had a difficult moment during assembly. Normally, due to our autistic behavior, we would never fit something that is not 100% leveled out.

But sometimes protection is more important than aesthetics . By tilting the assembly a bit, we assure that the exhaust cannot be ripped off when hitting a stone.
So most of the impacts will only result in some light headache instead of a major damage to the CAT’s.

Here is the final result.​

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