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Debut for the R-Box BMW in the GTC Rally (14th of July)

It has taken a while but what started almost 7 years ago with an open mind
and a bright white sheet resulted into an enthusiastic dynamic team with an
eye-catching E30 M3 group A that even will please any “non car” enthusiastic.

Despite the blessed age of the E30, we never had the intention to build a
“historic” car, but our creativity and passion for technology always took
absolute priority.

The R-Box BMW became a high technological modern car without compromising
the typical features of this legendary model.

A perfect match for the increasingly popular M-Cup.

At the moment we can confirm that two M-Cup rally’s are on our calendar for
2018. The GTC Rally in the Netherlands and
the East Belgian Rally. The first mentioned will be the debut for the car.

Currently, the R-Box BMW is still virgin white but we are of course already
diligently in preparation for 2019.

The goal is to close the budget for the full M-Cup championship in 2019.

The team targets focus mainly on race kilometers and improvement rally by
rally without too much comparing competitors stage times.

Of course, we are going to keep a close eye on the M-Cup
trendsetters, which will undoubtedly lead to some “down to earth”
experiences, but we are determined to tackle it step by step and set realistic

In the first place, it is now mainly building confidence with the BMW and enjoy
as much as possible this fantastic car.

See you at the GTC rally !!.

The R-Box team

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