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Update 2018 … the first meters

It has been quiet for a very long time on the R-Box site, this was on the one hand a very conscious choice and on the other hand we have been working very diligently on the car, service truck and other infrastructure, so that there was very little time left to add stories here.
Because we have now reached an important milestone, it might be nice to post something new again. GOOD news this time!!

With the necessary pride we can report that soon the R-Box BMW will make its long-awaited debut. A few weeks ago, we participated quite discreetly in the Sauvelon Historic Rally Festival as a test. The car hadn’t driven a mm until then, so it was at least exciting.

Apart from a few small details, this all went fairly smoothly, but the most satisfying was undoubtedly the indistinguishable wide smile on our face from the first meter. And the rain on Sunday could not even change that, on the contrary.

Of course there is still a lot of work to be done to fully master the car but it was immediately clear that the base is great and the feeling is completely right.

No matter how stressful the last few weeks have been, all the tension has completely disappeared from the moment we left the service place. Believe me there is no better anti-stress therapy than to be presented with kp’s with an E30 M3 gr A.

We are therefore very much looking forward to growing match by match. Just like with the car, we also looked at the follow-up route in detail and mapped out.

We are going to take it step by step, and we are very aware that there is still a considerable learning curve to be seen, but we see this as a challenge.
Of course we have set goals, but these are currently only as many km’s and experience as possible and especially finishing.
For 2018, that translates into a fairly limited program as the rally season is already well advanced.
Now that we have photoshopped the BMW on standard 98 petrol, it goes without saying that we will start in the M-Cup. In concrete terms, this means that we will be at the start of the GTC rally in mid-July and the EBR at the end of September. Circulation is not possible because of agenda conflicts.
For 2019 we hope to be present more often in the M-Cup with hopefully some additional matches but this is of course all highly dependent on the budget. For the time being, the R-Box BMW is still virgin white, but we hope to change that as soon as possible.
To conclude, I would also like to thank all those involved for all the help, advice, night hours, … and patience. The latter especially for my parents and girlfriend who were often in the line of fire when something went wrong.

Also a word of thanks for our suppliers, despite the fact that we are only a small private team we have always received super support which can only mean that there are still people with the rally heart in the right place.
Without all these people, we would never have achieved this result.

Hopefully there will now be a long period where we can mainly enjoy all the efforts of the past 7 years and who knows with good results in the long term.
To be continued …

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