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No gold, frankincense and myrrh, but a new update

Although the GT86 saw the light of day in 2016, it still has 0 kilometers on the odometer and has never seen a rally test up close. Nevertheless, we are working on all kinds of updates, so that the car is fully compliant with the latest spec as provided at the time by TMG, the current Toyota Gazoo Racing.

For example, it got a brand new power source from their workshops in Cologne, with the latest updates. The startup and run-in is planned for one of the next weeks and will be done by an engine engineer from Gazoo.

From then on we are back in charge for a complete electric makeover. De huidige PDU wordt volledig vervangen door de nieuwste en nog niet commercieel verkrijgbare PDU (HP8442) van HP Electronik in Denemarken.

We are also going to make a slightly modified keypad and the circuit breaker will be replaced by an intelligent electronic variant. HP8480

The battery has also undergone a steroid cure. From now on there is a 25Ah strong LiFePo4 battery in the GT86 instead of the original 15Ah version.

For the dashboard we went shopping at ECUMaster this time, with whom we are now working very diligently. For a change, the dashboard comes to Isidoor’s nose while I myself can only admire the gear position and a modest shift light while driving. This will hopefully give me a lot less stress, although we assume that the Toyota will spew out much less alarms. We are also trying to implement the latest wireless steering controller from ECUMaster, but this may not be ready for the first rally because it is not currently available.

The camera system and data logger have also had significant upgrades. We remain loyal to AiM, but this time with the latest SmartyCam 3 Dual that will make even sharper images and write all parameters neatly on an SD card.

Finally, we are almost finished with the test of the TPMS system, aesthetically it is still the “draft version”, but functionally we are very satisfied. A teaser can be found in the photos.

In short, we have already worked very diligently and anyone who knows the red block team from Geel / Jonkershove, undoubtedly already knows what can be expected.

To be continued…

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