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Heart transplant on the R-Box BMW

Just one month to go and we can celebrate the 2nd birthday of “working on the beemer”.

The need for speed is increasing every day…

At the start we knew that starting from scratch would take a lot of time. Despite all efforts of the team members we discovered that there are not enough weekends in a year to get the job done.

We were looking for a way to find extra hours or to gain some precious time… If we did not find a solution we would be spectators one more year instead of competitors..

So the million dollar question was : how to find time.

Dirk received a SMS from Ger to anounce that he had a spare S14 race prepared engine.

The specs where very close to what we planned to build ourselves. The engine block was built by Dries Bosch (NL). The cantine form HSP was the ideal meeting point to look at the specs and the (dis)advantages. After some discussions the deal was made and we bought ourselves a complete working engine.

What does this mean for R-Box ?

The engine is ready but freaks as we are we are going to make a few mods on the S14. Alternator,different coils,electrical water pump, different crank case,…but the base will be kept as it is meaning with the DTA Pro S60. This does not mean we are putting the development of our own ECU on hold but we are shifting priorities. We are not going to finish the engine we were building but will keep some critical parts (cylinder heads,..) and sell the rest.

This also means that when the shell comes back from Intrax in a few weeks we can deliver it in Tunrhout at the Carrossier to do the paint job ! By then everything will be ready to do the build up…

We are still aiming at the Haspengouw Rally to start our racing experience but we are not sure this will be feasible… Never the less we want to start racing in the first half of 2013 !

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