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Preparing to go Dutch…

Saturday morning we took an early start to prepare the body fot the next (crucial) step…the suspension.

Thursday November 1st we have a date at the Intrax buildings to deliver the car to mount one of the most important parts of the car. The suspension.

After getting the body back from “De Carrossier” we hung it in the specially prepared “spit”. After 20 minuters this job was done. We are getting the hang of it !

Builidng front and rear subframes was not very easy but by midnight most was finished.

If you look close you might notice we used the old dummy parts. After getting the car back from Intrax we are going to mount the original parts. To be continued (with new pics..)

The real freaks might have noticed that the scenery changed. We moved to another location because the old one is taken at the moment… We are working on another project that is going to be revealed soon…

Has Dirk gone crazy an has he bought a second car ???

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