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Since we didn’t like the looks of the bottom of the Sadev gear lever we decided to adjust this. We also wanted to place the hand brake somewhere near the gear lever so the pilot didn’t need to buy longer arms.

Nick provided us with a full size proposal on paper so we could get started.

Dirks dad Denis made a MDF model that we used to simulate a metal support. Unfortunately -after installing the seat and the levers- it didn’t fit at all.

The gear lever was acceptable but the hand brake almost hit the roof and was too far (almost out of reach !) from the driver.

A few hours later -after some measuring and grinding- we converted a simple 50×50 tube to a perfect support for the hand brake. The only thing to do is to shorten the lever with 10cm (4 inches) and it will be perfect.

Nick also needs to put this final version in Pro E to mill the custom support out of a piece of AL7075 metal.

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