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Gear box cooler

It took us some time to find the right place to mount the oil cooler for the gear box.

We didn’t want the cooler to be trepanned by little stones or other projectiles so we were thinking about placing it at the back of the seats.

The regulations stipulate that there has to be a strict seperation between the drivers cockpit and the trunk (with the fuel parts) on our M3 so this limited our options.

We discovered a horizontal part behind the drivers seat that seemed suitable for this purpose. At the bottom of it we installed the cooler and the pump in the former fuel tank location where these parts are therefore also protected.

We even installed a 4mm aluminum folded plate to avoid attacks from stones…

This hidden away location has the disadvantage that the cooling efficiency is lower but an electrical fan is installed to compensate this. This is solved by blowing air over the cooler from the inside to the ouside of the car, at the same moment foul odors are also drained to the outside !

This should result in an oil temp of 90°C even on longer stages. A Mocal electrical gear pump regulated by a temparature sensor takes care of the oil flow.

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