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The gear box adapter

The gear box adapter has become a nice piece of craftmanship.

It took quite a lot of time and effort but we are very happy with the final result. Special thanks to Nick ( Pro-E guru and the students from the Sint Paulus Technical Highschool in Mol (led by Jorn and Peter) for the CNC work)

We use a M30 bellhousing that originates from a E23 or E24 automatic gearbox. This is much stonger then a S14 bellhousing. It also has a big central hole where we can mount the hydraulic relaese bearing without any modifications needed.

The M30 bellhousing has a lot of holes we used to determine the center for the primary . We did this with the aid of a 3D measuring bank. Sadev allows a 0.9mm deviation but we wanted to make this as smal as possible.

The M30 bellhouding is about 60mm shorter then the original S14 gear box so we needed to develop an adapter to put the engine and the gear box together.

All the coordinates were transfered to drawings and step files by Nick and the TISP students used this data on their CNC machine.

They transfered a big block of aluminum into a Sadev S14 adapter !

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