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A critical point for the S14 engine, the cooling …

For the radiator we initially tried to find our salvation in something that exists but for 1 reason or another it turned out not to fit. Both the Mitsu and Subaru radiators are a few cm’s too big. The Sierra Cosworth radiator came closest in terms of width but is then a bit too low so that you also lose cooling capacity there.

So again only 1 solution: make it yourself. Because we did not make the air intake in the traditional place, we could go quite wide. We opted for a net of 62mm thickness with double rows. This type of net has already proven its efficiency in countless endurance races and in rallycross.

The advantage is that you can determine the exact dimensions yourself and thus also use every square cm of surface area. It is then just a matter of folding the side trays, providing them with the necessary kits and other attributes and welding everything off. (which still needs to be done)

To increase the efficiency a bit more, we have also made sure that the heated water passes through the radiator 2x (1st time in the lower half and the 2nd time in the upper half). In this way you gain an average of another 15 to 18% in cooling capacity.

We have tucked the expansion tank under the windscreen where the heating block normally sits and is a round alu tube with dia 140mm that we have welded shut at both ends. The length is approx. 350mm.

To cool the oil from our power unit, we do not use a traditional oil cooler but a dual core heat exchanger from Laminova. The advantage is that the engine oil heats up much faster at cold start and the cooler is of course also much less vulnerable to stones and other projectiles.

The water is pushed around by a Craigs electric water pump. With this setup we assume that we can control both the water temperature and oil temperature. To assist the natural airflow, we mount a 385mm sucking Spal fan on the radiator.

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